​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Working long hours? Planning a day trip or holiday? Need help with general care?
Or maybe you know someone who could do with our help?

Your friend is ours too, whatever breed or size we can help. Harvey's Hounds is fully insured and licenced with years of  experience and qualifications. We can offer a safe enjoyable environment to stimulate all of your furry friends needs, with full 
dog first aid training and DBS checked, we can promise you a safe environment for any length of time.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
“Show a dog an ounce of love and he'll be your friend for life.”
Stuart & Linda macfarlane
Dog Walking

We offer a wide range of walking activities for your four legged friends. You can choose a location you prefer for walking or let our team choose an ideal walk based on your canine friends needs. Our walks last 30 minutes or 60 minutes and we can advise you on what we believe your canine should be getting daily. 

If no location is chosen we will choose a walk local to you which we believe will suit your four legged friends. Locations such as the ones above will need to be booked in advance and will come at a small additional cost for travel expenses. 
Trust is a major boundary we find with our clients, how do you know your dog is being walked for the full hour? How do you know they are in the right places? Many questions that you may find yourself asking. Many dog walkers cut corners and don't listen to your needs. We always put your opinion first and cater our services to you. We have a vigorous process which we undergo to help you put your trust in us. After each visit we leave a calling card with details of where your pet has been walked, what time our visit started, what time our visit ended, how many times your pet went to the toilet and any other information you may need to put your mind at rest. 

We specialise is rescue dogs, so no need to worry if your pooch finds social situations difficult, all our walks are solo, unless multiple dogs are from the same household. 
Pop-in Sitting
We do offer a pop-in style service which means we can come to you, we can stay for any length of time from 10 minutes onwards.

These services are best for puppies and older dogs that don't get along with all dogs. It reduces the initial stress of a new place and being left. In their own home dogs feel much more comfortable increasing the health factors.

Other benefits of pop-in style include security for your home, having someone pop in to your home daily at no fixed time can help reduce the risk of burglaries. 

On request we offer a sign free service, this means we will come in plain clothes and a plain car. If required this will need to be stated at time of booking 
Pop-in Sitting - Other Animals
Although we specialise in canine's we also offer pop-in services for other animals. Cats, hamsters, rabbits, fish? We can provide any service catered to your needs. We can feed, clean and exercise any of the above animals when you can't.
With several years of smaller pet experience we can offer an affordable alternative care. Animals such as cats, rabbits, hamsters and fish are sometimes harder to get care for however they still need appropriate care. We can provide a pop-in service catered to your needs. This can be anything from one a day, too twice a day and can include anything from feeding to cleaning. Give me us a call today to discuss and for a free no obligation quote.
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Please download our Application form bellow, the application form is needed prior to first booking. One can be provided at the initial consultation if you have no access to a printer.